Advantages and bad sites in running corporation in Poland – innovations, people, locations

In Europe we have a large number of countries, which could be used as an excellent place to run a large organisation. Of’ course there always need to be a few do’s and don’ts in this case, however many of them have a large number of benefits to offer.

Investing in Poland may be very interesting and beneficial step for big organisations – click. Now there is big warehouse space in Poland and also companies may find a large number of well-educated workers. Nevertheless workmen are easy to find to. Worg agencies are very active at the polish work market, they may find a lot of good workers. The high-rate of unemployment is still a big problem in the Republic of Poland, so it is not a hard thing to employ a gifted and well-educated worker for 2000 PLN net (in a small cities) and 3000 PLN net (in big towns). Taxes are not high, especially, for foreign companies. Warehouse space in Poland is quite large, firms can rent warehouses or built a new ones in town suburbs, in places like Warsaw or Łódź that spaces can be just renovated (many times they are located in centres of the cities), however there are places like Cracow, where companies have to be aware of waterlogged areas, which may not be destined to be a warehouse space.


Autor: Litage Publishing

However there is much space for innovations and providing a new ways of business and star-ups. Workers in Poland, if they have got right managers and fair earnings work well, if not, the companies have to be aware of their talent in avoiding work. In Poland we have got constatly problem with bribes and nepotism, naturally not that big like in Ukraine or Russia, but it is noticeable. All in all good and simple procedures with right management can minimized this problem and investing in Poland should be a pleasure.


The Republic of Poland has got many things to offer, especially, in area of innovetions, accounting and IT outsorcing. It is a great idea to think about the opportunity of havingcompany – more and more -e business in this place in a centre of Europe.