An excellent school for children!

Poland is an excellent place to stay longer and establish a family here. Nevertheless, here is still a question which worry the majority of parents – is here a great primary school for my children? The text will show that the great schools with long traditions and professional instructors can be also located in Poland.

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The class which will be described (prywatna szkoła podstawowa, Wrocław) is located in Wrocław where lives many international people from each corner of the world.

The institution is classified as global class for each kid, regardless where the scholar is from and where have went to class earlier.

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However, as at each school, there are also some basic laws which have to be accepted by every student before she or he makes the decision to be a member of the worldwide school. First of all, the school welcomes students who are around six to twelve years old. If the pupil used to attend different college, in different location, the student has to take a unique test which indicates the lecturers what is the knowledge of specific student. However, it is not a voluntary exam – if you want to be a member of the school, you must get seventy% from the test.

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Secondly, it is verified the level of English – all the sessions are carried out in English in the school. As a result, the instructors have to know if the provided pupil will manage throughout the courses and if she or he will realize the instructor and different students who are often from abroad and speak only English.

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Another benefit of going to to the college is the possibility to take part in different after classes tasks. The institution arranges assorted clubs which are dedicated to students’ interests and demands for future. The pupils can take part in cinema club, film club, European club and more. Furthermore, they have also a chance to learn another languages like German, Spanish and Polish. The last language is devoted to students who want to be able to speak in the country they reside in and figure out that Polish is really simple, particularly when you reside in Poland.